2019 Hermès petit h - Door StopChengdu, China Products 2019 Hermès petit h - Documents FolderChengdu, China Products 2019 Poltrona Frau - Zhuang ExtensionTolentino, Italy Products 2019 Paola C - The Society CollectionMilan, Italy Products 2019 Kimpton Da An Hotel - GraphicsTaipei, Taiwan Graphics 2019 Kimpton Da An HotelTaipei, Taiwan Interiors 2019 The Unfolding VillageStockholm, Sweden Installations 2018 Invisible Rooms - Elle Decor Grand Hotel ExhibitionMilan, Italy Installations 2018 Alila Hotel Kuala LumpurKuala Lumpur, Malaysia Architecture 2018 The Shanghai EDITIONShanghai, China Interiors 2018 The Sukhothai Hotel ShanghaiShanghai, China Interiors 2018 Driade - BalanceCaorso, Italy Products 2018 Together RestaurantShanghai, China Interiors 2018 Poltrona Frau - Zhuang BoxTolentino, Italy Products 2018 Poltrona Frau - Xi LightTolentino, Italy Products 2018 Agape - Immersion BasinMantua, Italy Products 2018 Viabizzuno - N55 Decorative BulbMilan, Italy Products 2018 Parachilna - Denglong FamilyBarcelona, Spain Products 2018 Stellar Works - 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