Neri&Hu News | DOMUS Cover Story - Jean Nouvel × Sarah Whiting: Seamless SynthesesJuly 2022

Internationally acclaimed architect Jean Nouvel, the winner of the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2008, was appointed as the guest editor of DOMUS 2022. In the July/August issue this year, Neri&Hu is selected as the cover story, presenting a few signature architectural projects.

Jean Nouvel talks about a new trend for architecture in the editorial - prolonging the life of buildings by interweaving the existing with new inventions. Nouvel also invited Sarah Whiting, Dean and Josep Lluís Sert Professor of Architecture at Harvard University Graduate School of Design, to review Neri&Hu's architectural practice over the past years.

The aim now is to prolong the life of existing buildings to enrich the art of architecture, to cultivate the ambiguities between existing structures and contemporary inventions motivated by manifestly cultural, artistic and stylistic concerns or designed to stimulate the imagination... It serves as a new form of contextualisation, a kind of interplay between the generations. It also represents a new way of expressing love for the history of places and those who lived in them. It is a blending of generations, combining the architecture of parents and that of their children.

— Jean Nouvel, The Opportunities of Architecture, DOMUS 1070

Professor Whiting remarked, "I'm not entirely sure that ‘Seamless Syntheses’ hits the spot with the particular magical precision and zing that unlocks intellectual horizons and other worlds. But let's run with it, for it does capture the extraordinary talent that Neri&Hu possesses when it comes to combining... Which brings us to Neri&Hu, who have resisted this combinatory propensity with elegance and care across their entire career. Rather than combine willy-nilly, they synthesise, and they do so to stunning effect."

Neri&Hu's works featured in DOMUS 1070 including: Nantou City Guesthouse, The Chuan Malt Whisky Distillery, Fuzhou Teahouse and The Waterhouse at South Bund

About DOMUS Guest Editor

In 2017, DOMUS initiated the DOMUS 10x10x10 project: an unprecedented editorial format, in which 10 internationally acclaimed architects will direct the magazine for 10 issues each, for the upcoming 10 years. This accompanies DOMUS towards its 100th anniversary in 2028. 2022 is the year of Jean Nouvel for DOMUS, after Michele De Lucchi in 2018, Winy Maas in 2019, David Chipperfield in 2020, and Tadao Ando in 2021.