Junshan Cultural Center won the Gold Award in the category of Real Estate Project by CREDAWARDMay 2019

Junshan Culture Center, designed by Neri&Hu, won the Gold Award in the category of Real Estate Project by 2018-2019 The 5th China Real Estate & Design Award (abbr. CREDAWARD). The results were announced on 27th, April in Shanghai.

CREDAWARD aims to recognise excellent architectural projects for the industry, the city and the society as a whole from the real estate perspective.

Drawing inspiration from its context, the architecture combines traditional northern architecture with contemporary architectural language and transforms into a new interpretation of architectural expression. The building quietly rises out of the water as a brick mass with carved out spaces for programs interlocked with gardens that blur the boundary between inside and outside. On the façade, traditional bamboo is transformed into a light warm veil that softens the heaviness of the brick façade. Moments of the screen connects with each interior space, creating a façade that is spontaneous and different on every face.

More about the design of Junshan Culture Center will be revealed soon, please stay tuned.